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Digitize Brand specializes in providing web development services in Pune, that includes Wordpress CMS development too. 

Wordpress happens to be the most widely used open source Content Management System (CMS). It has been used to built about 70+ million websites across the world! A Wordpress built website can be upgraded, installed and deployed absolutely free! It has a large number of templates and plugins from which you can choose from. Other benefits include less deployment time and costs.

These are the reasons why Wordpress enjoys a perpetually expanding number of fan base. It's a very easy to use yet extremely effective tool to develop both sites and web based applications.

5 Reasons why we prefer Wordpress over other platforms:

Here are the reasons why our team of website designers in Pune, prefer to use Wordpress as compared to other platforms for website design and development.  

  • It happens to be one of the most widely CMS in the world.
  • Wordpress is highly flexible and customizable.
  • It is not restricted to just developers.
  • Maintenance and setting up cost is very less.
  • Wordpress is open source platform that promises enhancement.

What all can you avail from us?

As a part of our Wordpress package, you can expect from us the following services:

  1. Website Design:

The focus of our team which carries out web development in Pune, is to develop a website using Wordpress that is both rich in look and feel and on the other hand, interactive as well as user friendly.

  1. SEO optimization:

We carry out brand building for your business through SEO optimization of your website. In this manner, your site will rank higher on search engines.

  1. A variety of themes to choose from:

You have the choice of selecting a theme from the wide range available in Wordpress. This would help you to stay at par with your competitor sites.

  1. Integration of Google analytics:

We will update you on a regular basis as to how your site visitors are interacting with your site.

  1. Stock images:

Images and info graphics play an important role for a website. We analyze your business needs and accordingly provide you with stock images.

  1. Domain Name:

We provide you with the desired domain with the help of service providers like GoDaddy. Digitize Brand's Wordpress CMS development comes with a difference:

Flexibility- We provide flexibility in terms of choice of free plug-in and themes while providing customized Wordpress solutions.

SEO- Reap in the benefits of optimized search engine exposure due to the SEO solutions developed by our experts.

Simplified administration-  Owing to our Wordpress CMS development services, it is now possible for you to manage your site from the admin dashboard.

Easy control- No need of having any technical knowledge or background to manage your website content. Thanks to solutions developed by Digitize Brand.

Dynamic menu- Our team is expert in developing dynamic and responsive drop-down menus that have a 100% support in terms of hierarchy.

Digitize Brand gives an extensive variety of services for WordPress development. You can now work with our Wordpress designers and developers for quick results. We pledge to effectively provide a wide range of services utilizing the WordPress platform. Besides we are constantly enhancing our aptitudes to serve you in a better manner according to your business requirements.

Be it a personal blog or a business website, Digitize Brand has an answer to everything with its powerful and effective  Wordpress/CMS Development Services.

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