It is a privilege and one of the effective decisions that Indian government has undertaken the importance of digitalization. Today, digital media is helping government and society with every possibility to spread the message on several digital networks. Through digital media, there has been a lot of points of discussion raised by the people on cleanliness, crime, employment and so on. This leads to serious help to the government to take actions before any delay.

The upcoming election can be usually fought as much online the same as offline. With over 500 million internet users in the country, political parties are figuring out some extraordinary strategies and campaigns to boost social media engagement across the platforms and reach billions of people across the country.


In the elections 2014, BJP achieved the reach of the Internet to bring PM Narendra Modi’s “Chai pe Charcha” campaign in the limelight. This initiative was successfully done accordingly to their planner. Referring to the statistics of the Internet and Mobile Association of India, over 481 million Internet users in India until December 2017, compared to 278 million in 2014, a 73 percent increase. And political parties are ready to leverage this growth in the number of internet users.


For putting the transparency factor in the election conversation of their platform, Twitter India team has been keenly collaborating with the political parties and the Election Commission of India to report suspicious abusive and illegal activities on Twitter. 


In this current year, Twitter has initiated a support portal for election partners to study the feedback and concerns directly to get insightful responses during the Indian elections 2019. This process ensures the company receives and reviews with the critical feedback about on-going issues.


Moreover, the twitter team is also working with political parties across the spectrum to train them on making the best use of Twitter to engage with their constituents. The team is also organizing the training programs and workshops with both regional and national parties such as CPI, BJP, Congress, and CPO-M and their respective state units.

Making the best use of digital media

As we can see every individual is shifting their route to find information more preferably on the internet, the citizens of India are not only making use of the internet for entertainment but also increasing the social awareness and protecting the society from threats.


To improve the presence of digital media and eye-watching society issues and achievements more closely, here we have come up with amazing strategies to bring transparency in the human head.

Swach Bharat

Swach Bharat campaign was launched by the Indian government in 2015. This campaign specifically missions to make India Clean and involves to promote sanitation programs in the rural areas, maintaining cleanliness on the streets. The campaign was targeted to maximum people with no age group barricades. This campaign was suitable and targeted for 3 million active users from the age of 7 onwards.

Any citizen who is abusing the cleanliness on the roads and society can be stopped and maintain the cleanliness in every corner of the corner. The slogan “ Clean India, better India” was spread to inspire the citizens and keep the country clean. Depending on the size of the business, your digital marketing strategy would possibly involve multiple digital methods — every with totally different goals — and plenty of moving components. But returning to the simple approach of thinking strategy can assist you to stay focused on meeting those objectives.

Selfie with a daughter

This campaign of Selfie with a daughter was designed during Mann ki Baat. Indian government asked fathers out in the country to post a selfie with daughters on social media to raise and promote Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. This campaign was specifically missioned to save daughter, provide good education in the country. 


The campaign was mainly targeted to the fathers above the age of 26 in India, and it underwent huge responses by the crowd and hope to improve women’s welfare in India.


The strategy document is individual to your business, which is why it’s virtually not possible for us to make a one-size-fits-all digital promoting strategy templates. Remember, the strategy document aims to project the actions you are going to require to attain your goal throughout your time — as long because it communicates that, then you’ve got nailed the fundamentals of making a digital strategy.

Make in India

Make in India campaign perspective was to create a wide range of awareness to the companies in India. This campaign aims to create maximum job opportunities and talent acquisition in around 25 sectors of the country. The initiative will guide the foreign investors on regulatory and policy region. Through this campaign, the Indian government is closely working to bridge the gap between the citizens and the government.

As digital marketing campaigns are strongly gaining traction in the human mind, the most popular medium to propagate political message is Facebook. It has been notified that the maximum user count is seen on Facebook and this could reach out to voters. However, Instagram can be considered as the youth voters and can be targeted to only youth and engage them in social activities.


As currently, the BJP government is ruling the country, it has been studied that BJP spends over 50 percent of their election expenditure on Digital campaigns including social media. Thus, the opposition should invest more the ⅓ amount of their budget in the medium as it is accountable, cheaper and authentic as compared to traditional media.


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How Digital Campaigns change the Indian Election 2019

2 thoughts on “How Digital Campaigns change the Indian Election 2019

  • October 13, 2019 at 9:12 am

    Such digital campaigns can make a good awareness about the government activities and different campaigns and drives amongst the people.
    Also the SWACH BHARAT campaign created a good awareness through the social media .

  • October 13, 2019 at 9:15 am

    Digital revolution in India have been the main driving force for election campaigns for years to come. Voting has become the digital along with its confirmation and counting made the job easy . Above blog explains all the dimensions how the present Government is using digital campaign to reach the voters efficiently and effectively.


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