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Google Ads is a platform created by Google (originally named Google AdWords) for putting up text advertisements, product listings, service listings, mobile app installs and video ads. This digital platform allows business owners to place ads on a local, national or even global level.

Various digital marketing companies in Pune, work exclusively on Google Ads. This service offering by Google has revolutionized the way we advertise. Even though a lot of traditional mediums such as newspapers, billboards and flyers are still utilized by businessmen, Google Ads has shown steady growth in the last decade.

Why should I use Google Ads?

In traditional advertising set up, an ad is displayed to anyone and everyone.

Let’s take an example:

If I place an ad about “DSLR Cameras”  on the front page of the newspaper, everyone who subscribes to the newspaper will read my ad.

But not all subscribers of this newspaper are photography enthusiasts, so a huge chunk of my ad-spend is wasted on a demographic that is not my target population.

Now, this is where Google Ads is different. Google Ads will display my ad only to those who search for particular keywords that I have targeted, such as, Cameras, DSLR Cameras, low-budget DSLR Cameras.

Thus, showing my ad only to a relevant audience, which is probably ready to take action on the basis of this search.

Digital marketing company in Pune also call Google Ads as “Paid Search”. Since the entire mechanism of Google Ads is based on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Therefore, it is better to use Google Ads to maximize your Ad-Spend ROI.

How does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is one of the most sophisticated algorithms created by Google. It is smart and state of the art technology. Google Ads works on the basis of cookies and keywords.

Cookies is the data that is collected by Google about your surfing history and habits etc. Keywords are the most commonly used words that users write when searching for answers.

For example, if you are searching for a restaurant in Pune, and you type in “what is the best restaurant for dinner in Pune?”.

Now in this search query, the keywords for Google are “Restaurants, dinner, Pune”. If a restaurant owner has targeted these keywords then his ad will immediately pop up on the SERP.

But just because you placed an ad through Google Ads does not guarantee you the top spot on the SERP. Google gives you a Quality Score which determines the ultimate position of your ad on the page.

Following are the determining factors of a Quality Score:

  • The Click-Through Rate

  • The quality of the landing page and the user experience on the landing page

  • Ad-text relevance

  • Keyword relevance

  • Historic performance CTR

On the basis of this Quality Score and bidding amount given by you Google decides where your ad will be displayed.

Digital marketing company in Pune advises its clients to create a user-friendly and relevant landing page because this ultimately leads to a better Google Ad Rank.

Another corollary of this Quality Score algorithm is that if you have a good Quality Score then you will have to pay less for the same ad as compared to someone whose Quality Score is lower than yours!

What type of ads can I place?

Google Ads has evolved immensely over time. A digital marketing service in Pune rightly pointed out that in the beginning, Google Ads was similar to the quintessential “Yellow Pages” with only text listings and a monthly fee to be paid by the businessman.

 This 19-year-old business platform now offers text ads, video ads, shopping ads, mobile app install ads and even smart ads which enable you to reach your business goals with the help of Google.

Google Ads can either be placed on the SERP or on other websites using the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network is an extensive network of websites including but not limited to news portals, blogs, magazines, and shopping websites.

Digital marketing company in Pune believes that local businesses have not yet exploited the Google Display Network to the fullest. There is still a lot of scope in this particular sector.



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How do I place an ad on Google Ads?

The computer and the internet have been the most crucial inventions of the past century.

One thing that has happened in the wake of these inventions is the shift of power from a few rich, elite royals or wealthy people to the ordinary, everyday masses.

The internet has empowered the masses to make their own decisions, grow their own skills and businesses like never before.

This has led to the rise of digital marketing companies in Pune and loads of digital marketing service providers in Pune as well!

This philosophy is the founding stone of Google Ads as well. Therefore, even if you might find Google Ads as an intimidating prospect in the beginning, it is actually a fun and interesting platform which will help you with your digital marketing.

Let us break down the process of putting up a Google Ad into simple steps:

  • Create a Google Ads account.  Go to the Google Ads homepage and sign up using your Gmail account details.

  • Create a “New Campaign” for your company.

  • Under this campaign you will now have to select what type of ad you want to place:

    1. Search

    2. Display

    3. Video

    4. Shopping

    5. Mobile App Install

    6. Smart Ad

  • Once you specify the type of ad, you can then move on to your campaign goals. Now, please understand that your campaign goals are unique not only to your company but also to this particular campaign!
  • Take a call on what your campaign goal is based on the end result you wish to achieve through this campaign. Is it more traffic to your website? Is it more sales? Is it general brand awareness? Or is it lead generation?

  • Make a choice based on your ultimate aim if necessary take help from digital marketing service in Pune.

  • Based on the goal that you choose, Google Ads will guide you further and help you break down your goal into actionable parts.

  • Suppose we choose the Search campaign and the goal is to increase Website Traffic. Then the next thing we need to do is give details about our website i.e the URL.

  • After that, we can choose the network i.e should it be only on the SERP or also on the GDN.

  • The crucial part comes up next, namely, targeting an audience. Targeting is geographical, language-based, age-wise, income-wise, relationship status wise, affinity wise and so on and so forth.

  • This is an essential step and the crux of any ad campaign. If you happen to target the wrong demographic then a lot of your money is down the drain and you have nothing to show for it!

  • You can then enter your budget per day for the campaign. Therefore, be careful not to enter the entire campaign’s budget there! Don’t forget to specify the duration of the campaign.

  • Next part is the bidding for the ad. There are various types of bids that Google Ads offer:

    • Cost Per Click (this is the most common one)

    • Cost Per Conversion (this is action based eg: app install)

    • Cost Per Conversion Value (this is a customizable option where the advertiser can define the conversion value eg: addition to magazine’s subscription list)

    • Cost Per Impression share (this is based on the number of people who come across the ad)

  • Depending on what is suitable for your campaign strategy choose the bidding option. It may be a little difficult to get a grip on the bidding amount, strategy and cost analysis as a beginner.

  • It is therefore advisable to approach a professional digital marketing service in Pune to formulate these plans for you.

  • You can then continue to add site link extensions, callout extensions call extensions etc

  • Proceed further and create the actual Ad! What should be the header? What should be your text? What is your call to action?

  • Think carefully and put all of these up. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors or random capitalizations in the Ad. Make it a simple, clean and eye-catching ad.

  • Finally, punch in your credit card details and viola your ad is ready to run!

Google Ads is not just a small tool in your digital marketing toolbox, it is a powerful weapon that can help you accelerate your business growth in a small amount of time.

A fantastic digital marketing company in Pune would advise you on how to build your ad campaign, how to target the right audience, how to bid and provide your with a transparent data analysis on your campaign.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and are excited to start your journey with Google Ads!

How to get started with Google Ads: Beginners Guide

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