WhatsApp is one of the pivotal apps for communication in the internet domain. Many people use WhatsApp to share messages, videos, and audios. WhatsApp helps to cater to the people’s need to share notes so that they can communicate with people.

Majority of the people use smart mobile phones in India so that they can access social media, mostly the WhatsApp. Due to the increase of digitalization in this era, we are dependent totally on the internet to seek knowledge, mainly social media networking sites are responsible for sharing information such as WhatsApp.

Though WhatsApp is very useful for sharing important messages, it also has some of the disadvantages that may make you face problems in your daily life. To know more about the applications of WhatsApp consult Digital Marketing Agency in Pune.

The Impacts of WhatsApp are as follows: -

1. Cost-effective:

 WhatsApp is such a useful App that allows sending messages at no cost. Only with the use of internet facilities a person can use the WhatsApp application. Wherever you can access the internet, you can use the WhatsApp easily wherever you want to use.

2. Absence of Advertisements:

WhatsApp is such an app that doesn’t ‘t interrupts the users with the pop-up ads. You can easily share the messages and videos to your desired person through WhatsApp in a hassle freeway.

3. Operate it seamlessly:

You can easily share the videos and images, upload files easily. WhatsApp has a lot of features that will help you with a brave service. It will automatically upload your contacts in your WhatsApp contact list.

4. Forming a Community:

You can quickly build a community in your WhatsApp with your desired contacts. The group or community you will make will help you to share your messages in the group in a fast manner.

5. For Business: ​

In our previous blogs, you have read how WhatsApp is useful for the promotion of your business. WhatsApp business group will allow sharing information and exchange of new ideas and solutions to problems.

Now- a- days even the election campaigns are done through WhatsApp. We have noticed it frequently that before the elections, how the political parties send messages so that they can convince the people to cate their vote. This year before election” “WhatsApp election Po”l” was held to know the pre-election views of people. Any social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are responsible for the advertisements of political parties so that each party can gain human trust.


The ruling party at the time of pre-elections creates awareness through social media sites, like they suggest the ways to cast our vote, the terms, and the instructions while casting our vote. The above are some of the impacts of WhatsApp on our day to day activities. Alike, these impacts are also responsible for affecting the Indian Elections of 2019.

India is a democratic country, so the elections are an essential contest that allows every Indian citizen to elect their representative. So, representatives choose public reasoning as a media for convincing the voters to support the representative or political party. Researchers have found that the campaigns of the political parties pre and post elections are an effective way to gain the trust of the people and a significant way to motivate people towards them.


It has been seen that representatives address massive voters across a state or a country through various networking sites, either it is with the help of the advertisements or with the help of the social media networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Since 2014 social media has played a significant role in publicizing the political parties.

As we all know that WhatsApp has 200 million users in India, so the communications done through WhatsApp will be a decisive nature for the elections. The two primary factors for which WhatsApp is useful for the polls are: –

1. Deep Engagement:

As there is a forward option in WhatsApp so, the messages in WhatsApp gets viral within seconds. And every people all over India read such important electoral messages. 

So, WhatsApp is an efficient way of circulating the electoral message among people.

2. Anonymous nature:

 WhatsApp is such a platform where it is hard to know who has sent the forward message or who have started sending the forward message. In this way, the suspension of the sender can be kept among people. 

To get a clear view of the functions of WhatsApp, you can get help from the Digital Services in Pune.

3. Mass Connection:

Social media networking sites are a source of mutual connection. And social networking sites like WhatsApp that has 200 million users can easily circulate a message among the mass. 

Even WhatsApp confirms that each person in each area have received the message of the electoral instructions before elections or not.

5. Showcase their Policies:

As earlier it was told that WhatsApp has 200 million users then it is well understood that it is easy for the political parties to showcase their policies to the mass, WhatsApp is the best way they can opt for.

4. Conflict in Social Media:

WhatsApp is such a social media that has a maximum number of Social media conflicts. Like when a political message is shared pre or post elections, then a lot of debate takes place on social platforms like WhatsApp. This allows the political party to understand its importance and its party’s scenario in the mass. This will help the party to take its measures and improve its policies towards the people.

With the increase of digitalization, we came up the topics like Search engine optimization (SEO) that has increased the availability of the desired content on the internet. So, now, political parties use popular and effective keywords in their publicity campaign context. This helps the people to search the specific message in the WhatsApp search bar. To know more about the effects of WhatsApp in Indian Elections, you may visit the SEO services in Pune

WhatsApp and Indian Election 2019

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