Website Redesign & Maintenance Services In Pune

Issues in existing Website

Is your website not giving the desired results? Online marketing needs not being met?

Digitize Brand has a sure shot solution for you !  

We can help you overcome these issues with our unique strategy. Get to know more by reading further....

Check if you are facing any of the following issues:

1. Lack of desired business returns from your website:

On the off chance that your existing site is not bringing quantifiable and substantial business returns like sought after deals or sales leads by means of qualified inquires, then you are in for a major problem. Its time for an evaluation as to where has it gone wrong.

After all, quantifiable goals and objectives are the starting and critical point of your online presence.

2. Not able to achieve higher search engine ranking:

If your site is not appropriately optimized for search engines and is absent from the first page of prominent search engines for your targeted business keywords. Then there is a problem with it.

An appropriately search engine optimized website ought to rank high on first page for targeted keywords that would ideally bring targeted customers to your site that can give attention, more revenue, and publicity like no other channel of promoting is able to.

3. Site is not mobile friendly:

The case that your site is not mobile friendly, you are missing on genuine business. A responsive site offers quite a few advantages, like cost sparing and increased site reach to extensive mobile users amongst many.

If your business is facing any or all of the above issues, then it is high time that you redesign and carry out maintenance of your website. It is the only solution to your issues.

That's exactly what we at Digitize Brand are going to do for you. Provide redesign and maintenance solutions for you ! 

Benefits of website redesigning and maintenance

  • Increase in conversion rates and thus sales
  • Higher ranking on major search engines with the use of SEO techniques
  • Content remains updated and fresh
  • Getting the mobile customer base with mobile responsive site
  • Brand building
  • Improved user experience with revamped UI
  • The usage of 'responsive web design technology', allows cutting down of costs and freedom from maintaining multiple sites across different platforms.
  • Improved SEO
  • benefits of website redesigning
    website redesigning process

    Website Redesign Process at Digitize Brand

    Redesigning of a site might involve change in the basic design, improve the functionality and visitor experience, make it less demanding to explore, revamping the visuals and images for optimization, rewrite the content to address your site's SEO objectives, improve responsiveness and UI experience, all with an intend to address your present advertising and business objectives. 

    We at Digitize Brand, will assess every aspect of your present site to enhance the pages, navigation, graphics and and the HTML code to guarantee that you remain at par with your rivals. Your upgraded website can be an essential stride towards accomplishments in your business.

    Activities involves in Website Redesigning Model

  • Revamping of the design accompanied by CSS code
  • Mobile optimization
  • Optimizing the alt and meta tag
  • Analyzing browser compatibilities
  • Consideration of SEO aspects
  • Rephrasing and rewriting content
  • New design and navigation options
  • Optimization of graphics
  •  and more.....

    Activities involves in Website Redesigning Model Image

    Our website maintenance activities includes

  • Revamping the images or the content
  • Include new or updated functionality
  • Addition or removal of pages based on the requirements
  • Technical enhancement
  • Continuous performance monitoring and enhancement
  • Now give your website a new LOOK and FEEL with Digitize Brand's Redesign and Maintenance services.

    Create wonders for your business !!!